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ALL of our Images are avaialble printed on high quality art grade photo paper, canvas or transparent window film largest size 24 inches times 36 inches        We can even section an image to cover a 12 foot width on your wall. Additionally, we can print on transparent window film (pricey)                  


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Cedar Waxing bird is typically found across Nothern America year round

Imaged with the Nikon D 810 and the 150mm to 600mm Sigma lens.

Nature has always played a role in the very sanity of the human being. I'ts healthy to spend at least twenty minutes per day just observing nature.

Since its inception Nasa has been a dire disappointment; giving an all too narrow view of the cosmos, and especially the lack of revealing anything truly wondrous other than the destructive black leviathans and big bang theories, and artful conceptions of other worlds. Notwithstanding, the world of amateur astronomers has been equally disappointing, forever staying far away from any fringe topics, or the possibilities of extraterrestrial intelligent life.

Cedar Waxing


Cedar Waxing, small to medium sized bird


Posters Avaialble in every size up to 24"x 36" printed on art grade photo or canvas