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Our Deep Space Images avaialble printed on high quality art grade photo paper, cnavas or transparent window film largest size 24 inches times 36 inches                          


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This is likeley the image of Osiris

Since the dawn of time humankind has been obsessed with the stars in the night sky. The velvet blackness of space, studded with jewels captivates the imagination in many profound ways.

In the beginning humankind’s very survival depended largely upon understanding the celestial bodies, their movements and cycles which determine the seasons.

Since its inception Nasa has been a dire disappointment; giving an all too narrow view of the cosmos, and especially the lack of revealing anything truly wondrous other than the destructive black leviathans and big bang theories, and artful conceptions of other worlds. Notwithstanding, the world of amateur astronomers has been equally disappointing, forever staying far away from any fringe topics, or the possibilities of extraterrestrial intelligent life.

The Great Orion nebula M 42 RA 5h 35m 17s | Dec -5° 23′ 28″

Images taken and edited by C Runyon Image below is cropped from the RC 8 Inch reflector Edited in PixInight stacked in DSS 30 x 30 seconds ISO 1600


This is one instance of suspicion that the ancients could view the cosmos.


Posters Avaialble in every size up to 24"x 36" printed on art grade photo or canvas