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The broader scope of our mission is to conduct research at ancient stone megalithic sites around the globe primarily along or near the thirtieth parallel (the old equator), to discover and back engineer ancient technologies while investigating the true cosmic origins of the human species. On another level we will expand the global herd consciousness of the human species. This is not as difficult an undertaking as you might imagine. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that the hu8man species is in dire straits and headed for extinction if it doesn’t change the course of its evolution. The biggest threat to humanity right now probably is coming from Artificial Intelligence, which will like in this “singularity case” will set our evolution on a course equivalent to a runaway freight train. The Ancient Alliance Team is NOT affiliated with any religious sect. Our members consider themselves “Spiritual”, where only LOVE as the most powerful force in creation is important. We avoid religious debate at all costs. A person’s personal relationship with their creator, I have found is best as a one on one relationship of the most intimate kind. That in sharing this relationship with others it is only important as to where we agree, and not where we disagree. More wars and innocent blood has been spilled in the name of Christ, Ala, or God—than any other action of war known to man. If you are a zealous religious person that feels they have a mission to convert others to their belief (s), then this is not the best place for you-- period! Validate XHTML & CSS.

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There are a number of ways you can get involved by becoming a team member. We have need for individuals skilled in just about every discipline there is. Your participation in group expeditions is not limited if you cannot physically attend. There’s all sorts of ways you can be involved in a group expedition in REAL TIME without being physically present. This is the true beauty of our campaign. A few years ago I had been bed ridden due to illness for a few years, yet my mind was keen and looking for adventure. I hope to make it possible for others that are so afflicted that they can still actively participate. I can only imagine too well how many laid up, astrophysicists and archeologists, biologists, retired professors out there that have so much yet to contribute to this world.

When you purchase one of our products you are supporting our continued research and our global efforts humanitarian efforts while benefiting from high quality merchandise at a fair price


We have a test yoputube presence. Feel free to check it out user name Cerey Runyon



You need to apply for membership to the facebook team. Additionally, a small request to purchase one of our items is required for membership to ensure your dedication to the cause for the betterment of humanity. We are NOT affiliated with any religious organization and we are NOT a non-profit group


We have our first addition almost ready for publication, should be ready January 2018--Our magazine "The Ancient Alliance Quarterly" will be available in both printed form to you mailbox, and online PDF-- The online edition will be $3.00 whereas the printed one will be a little pricy as we plant to include a high quality double page print with every collectible version--


Both of our scopes are available at this time where you can join with me live on SKYPE while we are shooting. You are welcome to help direct targets and save your own files. This is a huge opportunity to use high end telescopic and photographic, and tracking equipment. You even have the possibility of making a comet or asteroid discovery. We now have the ability to track asteroids and comets. My user name on skype is Cerey Runyon


This has been known for a long time and scientifically proven by tests conducted by Cal Tech and MIT, not to mention a plethora of additional scientific experiments— “a species” especially the human species operates as a herd collective. This is even more true with the human species. Recently we have learned that Darwin was wrong, that it is not the competition of a species that is successfully responsible for its evolution but rather it is the cooperation of a species. Consciousness, may very well reign supreme in the cosmos and not technologies

The Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon


The Hundredth Monkey first experiment took place quite a few years ago with a group of monkeys on a remote island somewhere off the Japanese coast (i believe). The first results were astounding and their implications earth shattering. I implore you all to investigate this topic in its entirety, for there have been a countless number of additional experiments conducted along these lines ongoing up to the present-- and much of it now has evolved into experiments concerning Artificial Intelligence and even nano technologies..

To be continued


Remote Viewing is a powerful tool for the modern researcher today to acquire knowledge from long lost ancient civilizations. This new (ancient), science is well proven and documented, and its rather simple. The most important aspect of remote viewing is that the view doesn’t have a clue of what the target is, or even the atmosphere of the target. He/she must be a complete “blank slate”. The environment must use the scientific method, and the control methods must be vigorous, there’s tons of documentation on the net from Ingo Swann, to major Ed Dames to Courtney Brown to research these very simple methods. The effectiveness of this science really comes down to the viewer and his/her own innate ability.



  • Acquire knowledge of ancient technologies for the betterment of humanity
  • To spread the wealth
  • to conduct research on site
  • investigate the ancient stargates
  • to create a highly effective research team
  • Document everything
  • to expand global herd consciousness creating a psychic lens to focus on unconditional love for every living thing includin Gaia


Vivamus dum licet ese,  per aspera ad astera"

CEREY RUNYON - CEO of our company