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My Nature and Wildlife images are taken with my Nikon D 810 and mostly my Sigma 150mm to 600mm lens.                          


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The Taylor Ranch Bird Sanctuary

I live about a five minute drive from this vast sanctuary located off Humphry road in Penryn, California

I can wander the trails back in the refuge for hours coming acrross all forms of wild life including Mountain Lions and Rattlesnakes.

We need more places like the Taylo Ranch bird refuge.

I love shooting birds-- they're of the most challenging things to shoot other than Astro imaging They are always twitching.. high shutter speeds an higher ISO is needed especially at higher telephoto lens settings and the Apature needs to be closed a bit for detail, and this is tricky-- because a closed F stop creates noise and so does a higher IS0 As a result I have been taught by Haf ( although he insists every cam make is a little different), he recommended ISO 800, F-8 and shutter speeds above 1/1000-- and for birds in flight-- at least 1/2000 I have found over the past two years these settings to be the best too-- Haf uses a Canon against my Nikon and there seems to be no difference. Still, he seems to achieve a little more detail. Birds as a target, as anything else, have a lot to do with the ambient light, and how the light is hitting the bird. You want the light hitting the bird from behind you and over your shoulder. When I first started shooting birds, I didn't pay any attention to how the light was hitting the bird. As a result, I shot 3 to 5 thousand clicks per outing. Most of which were not any good. Now I shoot 100 or less in the same amount of hours, always making sure the light is hitting them in the best way> ts almost pointless to soot birds on a cloudy day. And pointless to use a"Point and Shoot" camera with only auto settings because they don't have a manual mode setting to achieve the ideal settings listed above... Happy bird shooting :)

North American Bluebird

I have hundreds of images of this guy to choose from


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