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The limited and rare un-filtered sun images captured with the Sigma 600mm lens and the Nikon D 7100

There exits almost twenty of these images before I burned my sensor out in my brand new camera.

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Most of these images were captured at a shutter spedd of 1/48000ths of a second, more than fast enough t capture light particles: Photons.

Our magazine, is intended to be a research and discovery magazine that accompanies our research, and expeditions, into all fringe science, as well as the paranormal, and supernatural topics of interests. First, you might be asking yourself; “Why the name?” Why “The Ancient Alliance Quarterly”?

We feel that the ancients (mostly pre-flood civilizations, our very distant ancestors, linking us with our true cosmic origins), have tried to convey a message down thru the ages to us, specifically to the technologically evolved civilization that we are today. That they themselves sought some sort of “alliance” with their descendants (us), both to warn us, and to guide us, especially with safe alternative technologies as well as spiritual guidance.

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This image seems toillustrate all kinds of filiamnet erutions aound the Corona into the chromosphere of the sun. Nibiru extremesits love these images- For me many seem to represent artificial Dyson sphere type condtruction

In the beginning humankind’s very survival depended largely upon understanding the celestial bodies, their movements and cycles which determine the seasons.

Since, its inception Nasa has been a dire disappointment; giving an all too narrow view of the cosmos, and especially the lack of revealing anything truly wondrous other than the destructive black leviathans and big bang theories, and artful conceptions of other worlds. Notwithstanding, the world of amateur astronomers has been equally disappointing, forever staying far away from any fringe topics, or the possibilities of extraterrestrial intelligent life.

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As a means to further our ambitions we sell images, and products that we produce ourselves. Our products are handmade and of extreme high quality not to be found anywhere on the common market. Our images are unique, and can be acquired in calendar, poster print, and picturebook form.

Very high-resolution files will be available linked to the images in the gallery pages. these files will be password protected. most images run twenty dollars per one-time printed use-- you will need to obtain a passwrod to download and/or view--